Automatically scrapes job boards to parse and curate job listings for entry level and new grad software engineering positions.

Spotify Seasonal Playlist Sorter

A web app that automatically groups songs in a user's Spotify library into playlists based on the current season.

Matrix Visualizer

An interactive web app allows users to interactively perform row operations on an m x n dimensional matrix with support for symbolic math (CAS)


An interactive web app that visualizes pathfinding algorithms to demonstrate performance of various algorithms to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Tic Tac Toe

A multiplayer Tic-Tac-Toe web app. Implements multiplayer using Pocketbase for game state synchronization between 2 players. Submitted as the final project for my web frontend class.

ACM at CSUF Website

The website for the Association for Computing Machinery chapter at CSUF. Much of my work here is as a maintainer, primarily testing and reviewing pull requests or mentoring any members looking to contribute

Tuffyhacks Website

A full stack landing page and hacker portal for Tuffyhacks 2022. Supports event scheduling and team creation via invite link.

osu! Collection Exporter

A web app that converts an osu! collections database into a list of beatmap links. Uses an in house made Javascript library to parse beatmap binary data

osu! Stream Speed Benchmark

The original web based stream speed benchmark. By far my most popular project, topping the Google search results and having 110 upvotes on Reddit

APPE Regional Draft Analysis

A program I wrote to run Monte Carlo draft pick simulations to forecast the probability of pharmacy students getting their preferred region for their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) rotations

SQLite Clone

A clone of SQLite supporting a small subset of SQL commands as well as fully featured syntax checking and an extensible command system. Implements a B+tree for indexing

Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator application capable of graphing 2D cartesian equations. Implements the Shunting Yard algorithm to parse and evaluate user inputs

Sushi Shop

A sushi making game where players are given a randomized sushi order and must move a plate to catch falling ingredients to construct the order